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Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya can be reach via Tissa- Kirinda road. This temple is located on a summit of a rocky mountain, just next to the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Due to its location, this temple gives magnificent view of sand dunes beach, the Indian ocean, Kirinda fishing harbor and the rest of the surrounding.

Kirinda temple was built by king Kawanthissa. Devotees who are on pilgrimage to Ruhunu-Ktharagama, usually come to this place.
Kirinda temple can be easily spotted from distance, due to the recently constructed standing Buddha statue. Large parking area provided so you can park your vehicle without much hassle.

You need to climb up to reach the temple premises. We can use either recently paved stairways or there steps caved on rock bed, which was used in old days.

Historical Records about Kirinda Temple

According to the historical records and stories, some believe that Kirinda is the place where prince Viharamahadevi drifted ashore. King Kalanithissa, who rules Kalaniya was the father of prince Viharamahadevi.

In second century, there was rising sea water level situation ( this may be the first Tsunami Situation recorded ins Sri Lanka) occurred in Kalaniya. People thought that it’s due to the sin committed by the king Kalanithissa, by ordering to kill a monk. So to amend that sin, he was asked to sacrifice his daughter , princes Viharamahadevi by setting her ashore.

After her landing to the Kirinda area, king kawanthissa, who ruled Ruhunu kingdom, welcomed her and later got married. It is believed that the Lhugala Magul mahaviharaya was built on the site, where their wedding took place. They got two sons, prince Dutugamnu and prince Thissa.

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