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Mihintale is regarded as cradle of Buddhist civilization in sir Lanka. Buddhism is introduced  Sri Lanka on the third century B.C. King Asoka the great Indian Emperor Asoka he become a Buddhist send several missionary abroad. Ven. Mahinda who is Emperor Asok’s own son brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka. It was here the Mihintale that apostle Mahinda first met the Sri Lankan king Devanam Piyathissa on the full moon day in the month of June in 300 B.C and officially introduce Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Mahinda Has tested king’s capacity for instruction. Pointing to a tree closed by ven.Mahinda ask the king for its name. The King replied that it was a mango tree. Are there any other mango trees besides this one asked Mahinda. There are many other mango trees replied the king and ask there are any other mango trees besides this mango tree. There are many other mango trees replied the king. Besides the other mango trees and those trees are not mangoes are there any other trees. Yes, replied the king. There is this mango tree. So mahinda had a clear idea about the king

The king build 68 rock caves in MIhintale for mahinda and his retinue.  A stairways of 1840 steps of granite slabs leading to the summit was built. During the poson season that is the full moon in June thousands of lay devotees are make a sent Mihintale to pay their respect to Ven. Mahinda whose relics are enshrine in the stupa. During the poson Mihintale Stupa is very well lit and illuminate with thousands of lights.  

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