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Among the coastal side tourist attractions in Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa beach has a special place for its exquisite white sands and uniquely beautiful corals that has lured many visitors and tourists to take a glimpse at the marvels that can be seen in full abundance. Magnificent corals and tropical fishes are the top priorities in this highly popular beach location and being the only marine life sanctuary in Sri Lanka it is also a fine and rich place to explore the bio diversity and marine life of this beautiful tropical island. White sans glistening under the warm sun shine sure has made the place have a captivating effect on tourists and visitors. Pristine in nature Hikkaduwa beach is the ideal place for the visitor who is in search of peace of mind and relaxation enjoying sun and sand.

Abundant corals and tropical fishes become a way of entertainment for the tourist as they have some quality time spending their vacation in total tranquility. Easy access to view the remarkable underwater sea life is definitely a not be missed experience for anyone who is looking for some adventure and excitement finding out the marvels that are hidden under the deep blue waters. Entire experience has soothing and exhilarating kind of sensations and emotions taking over the visitors. Corals in Hikkaduwa beach provide plentiful sights for the visitor who has a niche for snorkeling because some parts of the beach have very close connections with land and beach allowing the in between space to have a rich and unique bio diversity that waits to be explored.