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Situated in the northern most tip of Sri Lanka, Jaffna is both a sea port as well as an important city. The rich ancient culture of Jaffna is very interesting and the remnants of the buildings of the Hindu period or of the colonial period speaks of the living history of Jaffina.

Among the notable Jaffina attractions mention may be made of the old Dutch forts, the tidal well, the Keerimalai Baths, Chundikulam Sanctuary and the Hindu temples. Apart from the ancient monumental structures, Jaffna also some spectacular beaches.

These beaches draw the maximum number of tourists and they too love top busk in sunlight in the wonderful sandy beaches of Jaffna. However, of all the beaches in the city,Casuarina Beach is at Karainagar and there are good beaches as well at Santhakulam and Thondaimannar. The Tourism Board of Sri Lanka are of great help in planning tours to Jaffna.