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Trincomalee has got the best natural harbour in the Asia.  During the second world war the harbour became the base for the combined East Asian Fleet of the Allied Powers. It is the ideal beach resort for beach addicts between April & November when the sea is at its best.

ocated at the mouth of Sri Lanka's longest river Mahaweli Ganga, Trinco's most famous landmark is Fort Federick, a centaury and a half of british fortifications can be found here. The cliff known as Swami Rock on the tip of Fort Federick promontory is associated with a tragic romantic tale woven around a Dutch maiden who is beleived to have jumped to her death from this spot seeing her fickle lover sailing away.
The Thirukoneswaram Kovil which stands on the top most pinnacle of the Swamy Rock is a high venerated Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most famous and beautiful beach on the East Cost is Nilaveli, situated at the centre of the 30 km strand of beach which runs uninterrupted from north to Trinco. Close to Nilaveli is Red Rock Beach - an estuary perch and pinkish colour boulders. A shot boat - ride off the beach and you may visit Pigeon Island.
About 11 km from west of Trinco are the Kanniyai Hot - Sping, scared to hindus who believe them to be a creation of God Vishnu.