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Sri Lanka is an island nation in South Asia. It is a small country with an ancient culture and civilization. It has a recorded history of two and half millennium. From vey early times sir Lanka is well known for spice and jams. It has established trade and cultural relationship with many Asian and Europe. 

       The earlist reference of this islad widely dubbed as the Pearl Of The Indian Ocean , came in the Indian manuscript called “Skanda Puranaya”. Then it was also referred to in the Ramayanaya that came several centuries later. According to the Ramayanaya, Sri Lanka was the home land of the dominant king “Rawana”. Ancient astronomers believed that the equinoctial point of the universe was positioned in “Sri Lanka Puraya” the then capital of this country. Throughout history it has been known by different names. Greeks called it Taprobain. The Arab called it Cerandib from which English word serendipity derived. Potages called it Selan. Dutch called it Zeilan, Ceilan , Seylon and the British called it Ceylon. Sri Lanka is the Ancient name meaning the resplendent Island.

The Greek Astronomer Ptolemy who is regarded the father of modern geography compile a map of Sri Lanka in the second century AD, Which he called Taprobain. This map was such accuracy that it remain in used for over sixteen centuries.An Arab geographer called  Edris later described this as Seranda and Serendib in his world map.

pearl of the Indian Ocean