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Bakers waterfall is at Horton plains of Nuwaraeliya district Sri Lanka. Bakers is a one of most beautiful waterfalls of Sri Lanka. Bakers waterfalls at between Entrance and Worlds end gap of Horton plains. Horton plains is highest plain and widest grass lands of Sri Lanka. Horton plains is situated between Nuwaraeliya, Badulla and Rathnapura districts. Bakers is a one of the most beautiful places of Hortaon plains. Bakers is at 3km from main entrance of Horton plains. Bakers is not a single waterfall and it consist several parts. Above area of the Bakers waterfall is like big tank. Bathing of Bakers waterfall is very dangerous because there are some caves inside water.

Hortan plains is closed to Ohiya, Pattipola and Nanperial estate. Nanperial Estate is at downsie of the Worlds end. There are 14km from Pattipola and 13.5km from Ohiya to Bakers waterfall. 10.5km can be travel via vehicle from any place although other 3km shoud go by foot.

Despite the presence of warning signs (that are often removed by confident bathers), the fall, and more specifically the 12m death trap of a plunge pool, has claimed numerous lives.
Situated on the Horton Plains (Nuwara Eliya District), Baker's Falls is accessible from Pattipola or Ohiya town. From Pattipola take the well-signed footpath and either follow it to World's End and loop back to Baker's Falls or take the right fork at the beginning of the path straight there. Immediately before the fall, there is a steep, root-strewn bank, which can be difficult to negotiate, especially in wet weather.

Bakers waterfall is Not a one and only waterfall of Horton plains. It is a most beautiful waterfall of Horton plains. Don't bath at this waterfall. You can travel any season of the year to this. You can camping at inside of Horton plains. First you should get permission from wild life department of Colombo.

Some young go to bath in this place and they lost there valuable life. Mr. Samuwel Bakers who is British hunter had come to this place at 1845 AD. There fore this waterfall identifies Bakers waterfalls. There is a deep hole at the middle of this waterfall. There fore don't try to bath in this waterfall because many young's are dead at this place.