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Babarakanda Falls  is the highest in the whole of Sri Lanka. Set amid an evergreen forest, it is formed by the Uduweriya Haputale mountains' Kuda Oya (river), a tributary of the Walawe River. It cascades in a torrent (especially in the wet season) from a rocky outcrop into a deep, basin-like pool. To the left of the fall, centuries of wind and rain have formed what is said to resemble two embracing lovers out of the rock.
Bambarakanda Falls is situated in the Badulla District, Handumulla PC. From the Colombo - Badulla highway, turn left for Weerakoon village and continue for 5km to the fall. The terrain is relatively difficult, so a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended. Belihul Oya rest-house is 18km away, and Koslanda rest-house is 27km. World's End, another of Sri Lanka's major natural tourist attractions, is just 18km away.

This is one of the most fascinating area for hiking. In addition to the famous fall, there are number of tracks leading to exciting places in Horton Plains from here. also there are number of mountains, water falls and streams surrounding this area which would make a hikers a day an unforgettable one.