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Bomburuella waterfall is very beautiful waterfall of Sri Lanka and which is at Uva - Paranagama division of Badulla District of Sri Lanka. Bomburuella waterfall at very beautiful place and it is height about 50m. Some people known this waterfalls as Perawella falls but real name is Bomburu waterfalls.

Closed main Town closed to this waterfall is Welimada. About 25Km away to Welimada town and accessing from Nuwaraeliya or walapane area also can be done.

The waterfall is situated in rural area. Several vegetable lands and potatoes cultivated chena are available closed to Bomburuwaterfalls. some tourist used to take a 'TODDY' also from area of this waterfalls. Bomburuella waterfall is very wider waterfall and it consists several waterfalls get together. This waterfall is closed to the border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla districts. 

There is a special valley at Nuwaraeliya district and water comes to this falls. Some low rainy seasons governors of the valley close the doors and then falls becomes little. But beauty is not be changed. December January and April May seasons are very suitable to visit this waterfall.

There is a another waterfall called Rawan ella at downside of Bomburu waterfalls. Some known as that it Bomburu falls. Ravan Ella waterfalls is at Uduhawara place. This fall is very higher and Way to this fall from Uduhawara junction. Uduhawara is at on the way to Bomburu falls. There is a 3km footpath to Rawan ella from Uduhawara junction. Rawan ella falls is related to the atories of Rama and Ravana.