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Duwili ella is a very famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. The meaning of Duwili is dust of water. Therefore several waterfalls in Sri Lanka are identifies as Duwili ella waterfalls. This is called "Duwili Ella", becasuse when it is falling down, it emits water vapour like the dust. Dust is called "Duwili" in Sinhala, and for waterfall it is "Ella" in Sinhala. So it is called as "Duwili Ella"

One of most popular Duwili Ella waterfall  is situated at Kaltota closed to Balangoda.(See the picture)  Kalthota Duwili Ella is at about 27 km faraway from Balangoda town in Rajawaka road. ‘Wanaspathi’ tale drama was shooting at close to this waterfall . Upper side of this waterfall there is a large reservation called ‘Samanala Wewa’.

There is another waterfall  called Duwili Ella situated at Sinharaja world heritage rain forest of Sri Lanka. Accessing to this waterfall  is at Deniyaya - Pitadeniya entrance of southern side entrance to Sinharaja. This is the most beautiful  waterfall  at Sinharaja Forest.

Another Duwili Ella waterfall  is at Neluwa area of Galle Sri Lanka. It can be identifies as Udagama Duwili waterfalls. It’s about 30m height.