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 This waterfall is commonly known as Sri Pada falls due its proximity to Sri Pada holy mountain. Since this waterfall lies inside the Gartmore estate it is also known by the name Gartmore Falls.
Sri Pada Falls directly falls on to the Maskeliya Reservoir and is fed by two streams which joins above the falls. Each of these streams creates a waterfall before joining and lies inside the Gartmore Estate. These two waterfalls are jointly called Gartmore Estate Waterfalls.

Another waterfall of about the same height lies several hundreds meters away from Sri Pada Falls feeding the same Maskeliya Reservoir is called Moray Falls. Due to the close proximity of these two falls some confuse the names of these waterfalls and the Moray Falls is sometimes identified as the Sri Pada Falls.

The Lanka Council on Waterfalls lists Adams Peak Fall (Sri Pada Falls) as a 10 meter waterfall in Kandy District. This is either a mistake or refers to a completely a different fall. This is common problem in areas where there is a large number of waterfalls with different people giving them different names.

The LCWF lists Gartmore Falls as a separate waterfall and does not mention the Moray Falls which lies very close the Gartmore Falls. 

source -   pictures - sanura Weerartna