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The Lakshapana Reservoir, where the fall is found, is used by power stations at New Lakshapana, Canyon and Polpitye Samanala resulting in a certain amount of water depletion. A number of villages including Lakshapana, Pathana, Kiriwaneliya, Muruthatenna, Kottalena, Hunugala and Belumgala surround the fall.
The fall is 660m above sea level in the Nuwara Eliya Ambagamuwa Korale at the Ginigathhena Divisional Secretariat. The most convenient route is the Hatton – Maskeliya road. Take this road for 18km from Hatton, where a footpath leads down past the Pathana village to the fall. Alternatively, take the Lakshapana road from the Kaluganga River junction for 14km to the Lakshapana Temple. The fall is just 2.5km from here.