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There is a mountain of Sri Lanka called Striee Pura (Queens’s paradise) is situated at Uva Paranagama electorate of Badulla district. This mountain is very ancient one because 10th or 11th century there was a King of Walagamba (10th Decay) prepared long tunnels for secret things. And also king Manabharana is created beautiful stone buckets to queens and following pictures shows about more. Today also we can see or we can through there. Mana waterfalls are at closed to the water buckets created in ancient time. It is 67 feet high. The waterfall is at Lunuwatha town which is 8Km far away to Udupussallawa road from Welimada town.

There is paddy field called Manawela is situated near Mana falls and closed to Striee Pura mountain. In ancient time it was big paddy field although currently farmers are cultivating in small area. Water comes to the fall from Hal Oya (Rice river). Can be identified from an inscription, stone of there about people had been using this fields lot all the king eras.

Streepura tunnel complex is most valuable and it may be along to Walapane, Dova temple and Ravana Ella area of Sri Lanka. No any researcher ever tried to identify the beauty and hidden story in this waterfall.